Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Protect your Mobile Phone with Amazon's AirBags

Two days back my friend dropped his new Samsung Galaxy SIII and broke it. He even had a insurance for it but the Insurance plans didn't cover the accident which had happened.

It's that heart-lurching moment millions of us dread. For a split  second you stand utterly helpless  as your dropped iPhone 5 or S3 plunges towards an unforgiving pavement.

You may have also felt these type of situations but not in future. Because Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a solution for this, that is AirBags for mobile phones.

 Bezos had applied for a Patent in Feb 2010 for an airbag system for mobile phones and other portable devices.

 “While the size and weight of portable devices make them convenient to carry around, these characteristics often make them more susceptible to damage and loss,” the application explains. “With the number of cellular phones in use exceeding several billion and repairs typically exceeding $25, the costs of damage and loss of cellular phones amounts to billions of dollars per year.

This week the company won approval for the patent, which was filed in America by Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, 48, a self-made billionaire who has forged a career from pioneering ideas.

The patent details a system that utilizes a gadget’s built-in gyroscope, camera, accelerometers and other onboard sensors in order to determine if the device has entered an airborne state. If it has, the  technology will release airbags to reduce potential damage – or possibly even change the trajectory of its fall by firing jets of air.

How does this technology actually works ?

The mobile phones will have in-built sensors which is used to detect when the phone is dropped and mini airbag is then deployed before it hits the floor. This avoids damages to the phone.

You can see the working of airbags in the below picture.

This technology is almost similar to the airbag technology used in cars.

We hope that Amazon release the airbags for all mobile phones.

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