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Top 10 Android Phones of 2012 - Pros and Cons

Android, world's best mobile operating system which is the life many mobile phones in the world. We present you 10 best mobile phones out of them. These mobile phones are the Fastest, Smartest, Powerful, Beautiful and finally the ultimate phones of the year 2012.

10 . ZTE Grand X

ZTE Grand X is the 4.3" big screened Budget phone with 960x540 resolution, Android ICS 4.0 and with the dual core 1GHz Tegra 2 Processor. The mobile phone has 512MB RAM and 1.5GB storage expandable upto 32GB. Its has a good 5MP rear camera which an capture videos at 720p and a 0.3MP front camera.

Pros :  Budget phone, best for watching movies because of big screen.

Cons : Screen isn't most responsive and not good for gaming.

9. HTC One V

Vibrant, Solidly Built and snapper-friendly, the HTC One V is the one of the finest budget phones around.The Phone has 3.7" screen with resolution of 800x480. HTC ONE V is powered by single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 processor cloaked at 1GHz and with 512MB RAM. Android ICS with sense 4. HTC ONE V has 4GB storage expandable upto 32GB.

Pros : Best Budget phone. HTC sense 4, better battery and design. Good performance and responsive Touch screen.

Cons : Camera is not so good. No NFC support.

8. Sony Xperia P

Sony xperia P, a sibling of Sony's NXT series mobile phones. Sony Xperia P has a 275ppi 4" TFT screen with resolution of 960x540 with the Bravia Engine. Its flavored Android 4.0 ICS and powered by 1Ghz Dual-core cortex processor. The phone has 1GB RAM and storage of 16GB. Xperia P's 8MP camera can capture 1080p videos @30fps and it also has a VGA front camera good for video calling.

Pros : The clear plastic panel at the base makes the phone sexy. Good connectivity options with HDMI-out port and NFC. Budget phone with High-end features.

Cons : No expandable memory options and lack of PlayStation certification.

7. Motorola RAZR i

Motorola RAZR i, the phone which brought back Moto into the Android Race. Motorola RAZR i has a 4.3" Super AMOLED advanced display with the resolution of 960x540 pixels. The phone comes with 2GHZ INTEL Atom Z2460 processor with 1GB RAM. Android ICS 4.0 and storage of 5GB with expandable upto 32GB . Motorola RAZR i has a 8MP rear and a 0.3MP front camera.

Pros : 4.3" qHD display, a good 8MP camera , NFC and motorola's smart actions.

Cons : Single cored 2.0Ghz processor has reasonable power but no so good for playing high-end games.

6. LG Optimus 4X HD

LG Optimus 4X HD a big show off big Budget phone with 4.7" 720p screen with IPS technology has screen resolution of 1280x720 and pixel density of about 312ppi. The smart phone is poered by 1.5Ghz quadcore Tegra 3 processor and 1GB RAM. The Phone has storage of 16GB and its expandable upto 32GB.

Pros : A big HD 720p screen and quad-core tegra power. The phone is best for Gaming.

Cons : Poor battery life. Design and User interface could have been better.

5. Sony Xperia T
Sony Xperia T, knows as the BOND phones is truly a worthy successor of Sony Xperia S. Sony Xperia T has the best 4.55" TFT screen with resolution of 1280x720 and 323ppi pixel density. The Bond phone is powered by Dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor cloaked at 1.5Ghz and has 1GB RAM which makes it much faster. Android 4.0 ICS is in it.

Sony Xperia T has got 16GB storage+32GB microSD. the best part of the 007 phones is 13MP rear camera which captures every moment of your life in crystal clear quality which can capture videos of 1080p@30fps.

Pros : Super display, super Camera, powerful processor and beautiful design. Sony Xperia T is PlayStation certified.

Cons : Tegra 3 games won't support. No quad-core processor.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Big and Beautiful Phablet Samsung Galaxy Note II is the best multi-tasking phone yet. The phone's  5.55" Super AMOLED display and Samsung's multiscreen features allows you to run many apps at a time via multitasking and Popup Play. The 16:9 screen has resolution of 1280x720 which is best for watching movies and playing games.

 Like the size of the phones its has also got huge power, it is powered by 1.6GHz Quadcore Exynos Processor with 2GB RAM. The phone has storage options as 16/32/64GB + 64GB expandable.

The Best part of the phone is S-pen which is the first in its type which makes Note II unique. the brilliant 8MP rear camera can capture 1080p videos at 30fps and a Front camera of 1.96MP which even capture videos at 720p.

Pros : Ultimate display, Ultimate performance, 2 days battery backup by 3100mAh battery, S-pen and design and even more.

Cons : Big size which is hard to handle.


HTC ONE X+ a brilliant phone which has improved battery life tahn its successor HTC ONE X. The mobile phone has a 4.7" 1280x720 LCD 2 display. It is powered by the fastest 1.7GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor with 1GB RAM. HTC ONE X+ comes with Android jelly Bean 4.1 with HTC Sense 4+ which makes the Best UI.

A super fast 8MP camera with burst mode, 1080p video and picture-in-video is brilliant. The front camera of 1.6MP is ideal for video calls. Its has a non-expandable 64GB storage.

Pros : Good Battery life. NVIDIA tegra 3 which is the best for Gaming. High resolution screen and many more.

Cons : No expandable memory, camera is not as good as Samsung Galaxy S3.

2. LG Google Nexus 4

Google Nexus 4 , World's Most Powerful Smartphone yet the cheapest. The Phone is powered by 1.5GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor , Adreno 320 Graphics and 2GB RAM which gives it ultimate power and best performance in any High end Game.

Nexus 4 comes with Android Jelly Bean 4.1 which even gets the direct software updates from google. This is the phone where we get the real feel of Android.

The Nexus 4's 8MP rear camera gives the Samsung Galaxy S III's camera a run for its money, with similarity bright results in daylight, in lower light, the Nexus 4  actually has the edge, offering better night vision skills. Video is disappointing, though footage is anything but smooth.

Pros : Big Screen, pure google experience, superb camera and ultimate performance. Low price.

Cons : Very less storage capacity which is even not expandable. Low battery backup. Body design is not up to the mark.

1. Samsung Galaxy S III

 Samsung Galaxy SIII, the winner of the Android race 2012 ,even its the best smartphone there is, on any OS. Samsung Galaxy S III the successor of Samsung Galaxy SII is the best selling phone which even overtook the most expected iPhone 5.

 Samsung Galaxy SIII is thinner and flashier than its nearest competitor HTC ONE X+. The Mobile Phone has 4.8" AMOLED screen of resolution 1280x720 with the pixel density of 306ppi.  This screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 2. This combination gives you ultimate pleasure in watching movies and in hardcore gaming.

 The Smartphone king of 2012 is powered by 1.4GHz Quad-core Exynos 4 Processor with Mail-400 GPU and 1GB RAM which is the ultimate combination for Gaming. The storage options like 16/32/64GB and expandable up to 64GB gives you lot of space to store lot of games and movies.

 The biggest testament to the Galaxy SIII's power, though,is Pop Up Play. which allows you to watch a video in one window while simultaneously gaming or browsing in another. Throw in the handset's awesome battery life and the S III is very hard to resist.

Samsung Galaxy SIII's stunning 8MP camera is the best in class which can capture 1080p videos at 30fps and a front 1.9MP camera capable of taking 720p videos.

Now the most impressive thing is the software. Samsung Galaxy SIII comes with Android 4.0 which is spiced with Samsung's TouchWiz UI. The S III intuitively knows when you're looking at it, dimming the display when you look away. It even works with glasses. When you want to switch from text chat to a call just lift your phone to your ear, it will call automatically.

Pros : Ultimate Screen, Battery, processor, camera , storage and the software will lot of features.

Cons: The Size of the smartphone is huge, people with small hands fell uncomfortable with it. Many hardware and software problems has been reported. Over Heating.
           Same old Mali-400 GPU of SII and just 1 GB RAM.

 This is our list of top 10 Android phones of 2012.

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