Saturday, 2 February 2013

Beats Audio for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Easy Mod

  • Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Root Explorer (or any other root file manager)

1) Download the AwesomeBEATS.apk and BEATSInstaller.apk
2) Put the files on your SD Card.
3) Copy "AwesomeBEATS.apk" from SD Card to /system/app using Root Explorer and change permissions to rw-r-r-.
4) Go back to your SD Card and install "BEATSInstaller.apk".
5) In the app drawer the "Beats Audio installer" application will appear. Run it and complete the steps. It will restart your phone.
6) After reboot, go into "Settings->Sounds->Music Effects" and change the effects to Awesome BEATS (you may get a MusicFX force-close).
7) Go to "Awesome Beats" application and make your desired settings. You can also uninstall the "Beats Audio installer".
8) Enjoy the awesome sound!

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  1. If it does not work do full install like article then, install titanium back up and do back up restore restart phone should work

  2. For Galaxy Note 2, begin with directions as outlined in the above article. Then install titanium backup/ go under back up and restore. Find Awesome Beats logo app, then push down on logo till options menu pops up. Under system ROM tab, convert to user app. Back up and restore (make sure you restore), reboot phone. After reboot, go into "Settings->Sounds->Music Effects" and reboot once more.