Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Nokia Lumia X - A XBOX phone for real gamers

XBOX 360 is a popular gaming console and Nokia lumias are the popular mobile phones , now bob freking has given a wonderful concept of Nokia Lumia X which would be the combination of Nokia lumia and XBOX 360. This would be a better phone for gaming lovers better than sony xperia play.

Nokia Lumia X is Also a Portable Xbox Phone

Concepts of Xbox Phones or tablets have been done before, but not so often with a sliding part with gaming controls that look like an Xbox 360 controller. Nokia Lumia X is a handset with a rounded upper and lower part, a pretty wide format and the usual Windows Phone buttons at the bottom. You get two analog sticks, that are not movable according to Bob Freking, that imagined them like the ones on the Xperia Play. As far as the main Xbox button goes, I’d be happy with a mere logo that lights up, instead of an actual button.

 The device will be on anyway, so there’s no need for an ubercool On/Off button. I can see some cool games on the screen and I can already imagine myself playing Halo in some version on this portable gaming phone. Once again, Xbox Phones have been done before, but not ones made by Nokia. I know you’d buy one, bu if you had to choose between this and the PS Vita what would you choose?

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