Friday, 8 February 2013

Ubuntu smartphone will appear in October

Despite the fact that the company Canonical, which develops the most popular distro Linux, promised to release a working image for Ubuntu Mobile Google Nexus 4 later this month, the first smartphone made specifically for the operating system, we will see towards the end of the year, to be exact - in October.

On this edition of Wall Street Journal declared himself Mark Shuttleworth, founder and CEO of Canonical. Also out of his mouth came the words that the device will be available for two large geographic markets. It would be for the markets, Mark, however, did not elaborate, but most likely they will be America and Europe.

Remember that those who already want to buy the next device, you should think twice before buying, at the time of its appearance on store shelves in Ubuntu Phone no app store . While it is not necessary to hope and the possibility of simultaneous load Ubuntu and Android - such Soup will be no earlier than 2014 . The new mobile operating system is still at the very beginning of his career, and who knows whether she can gain popularity, but enormous potential can not be denied.

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