Friday, 18 May 2012

Seed 3 Android Hack

Manual Steps:

NOTES: for hacking u will need modded version of the game which bypass memory editing app

If u don't have it here is the way to bypass it using hex editor:
- open hex editor
- open : /data/data/
- Open find, select ASCII and search "hack" without ("). Mark that this searh is case sensitive, because "h" and "H" Yuhave diferent value
- sum address will be highlighted change all highlighted address with 00 (optional) also u can only change 68 to 00 all work, but for sure change it all
- select find again try to seach "hack" again (sumtimes the result will more than 1) do as previous step
- save
- mark that u must do it everytime u want to play the game

Ok done bypassing now here the cheat

1. Seed point
- search ur current seed point, use 1 pt in any stat (str/vit/dex/int)
- search ur new seed point, repeat until u find m_statpoint
- change it to whatever u want

2. Str/vit/dex/int
- search ur current str/vit/dex/int u want to hack
- use 1 stat point in it (u dun need to assign it)
- search the new value of the stat
- repeat until u find m_str/m_vit/m_dex/m_int whichever u hack
- change it as u wish

- for m_vit don't ever change it to more than around 1k (i dunno the exact number) . If u change it more than the hp tresshold ur health bar will be negative and ur char will die tjen GAMEOVER
- for m_int max number is around 5k

3. Gold
- search ur current gold value
- kill mob for gold/buy sumthing
- search ur new value
- repeat till u find m_gold
- change it to 999999999 or whatever

4. Cash item price
- search "cash" without (") there will be many result mostly "cash buy price" or "cash sell price"
- change ALL "cash buy price" to 0 (i know it's lil bit tough lol)
- buy item u want

5 exp hack
- start low level analysis
- kill 1 mob and press (+)
- repeat until u find m_exp and heroexp, dun change it lol, useless
- scroll down and find address with same value with m_exp and heroexp
- change it to 10000000 (10 mil) and lock it
- kill another mob and tadaaa u now lvl 128

 Method 2:

Just Download and install APK from here

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  1. After u change the "hack" numbers how do u save? When i press save it just says save failed and i cant save

  2. It will save ... pls try again... follow the instructions properly pls

  3. works! thanks bro!

  4. Thanks man , i can bypass and start cheating again xD . Big thanks to you

  5. Where i can download it...beacause is no link...

  6. what do u want to download??

  7. I have opened up hack editor but I am having no luck finding the file

  8. Sir where is thw linlk? Please give me... I cant see..

  9. This hack with changing cash only 1 times work on me. I started game again edit the database from hack to 0 but now gamechi not foung cash or buy :-(

  10. This with changing the cash item only works 1 time on me. After i start game again and changed the database from hack too 0 the gamecih not found cash or buy :-( all times 0

  11. Why I play seed3 the game not in fullscreen.. pls help me

  12. Why I play seed3 the game not in fullscreen.. pls help me

    1. Please download the APK from here -