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Root HTC explorer

 Read the below posts if u r new to android..

Root HTC explorer
I decided to create a clean tutorial (as the method started with several bugs and issues) for those who want to root their HTC explorer.
will be editing it as new improvements appear.

btw, this will NOT change anything in your phone, it just make root access possible, if you want overclock and ext-2/3/4 partitions posible look here once you finish rooting with this tutorial.

1. Install HTC Sync on your PC

you can download it from:
(needed so computer recognises commands)

2. Unlock your phone's bootloader

- Following the steps in

Note: HTC Explorer isn´t listed as a working device yet but it has been tested and works perfectly. Choose "all other supported models" when selecting device.

3. Add a recovery

That will allow you to install .zip ROMs. You can access to it in the menu android phones have when booting the phone after removing-inserting the battery and pressing "volume down" and "power" buttons simultaneously. (Other phones have different button combinations).

- Download A310E
- extract it in any window on your PC (ie: C:\HTC)
- run the recovery.bat with phone in fastboot mode (first option in the "3 android menu" ) and connected with usb.

Note: I edited the recovery.bat and removed any unnecessary commands so no errors occur

Done! You got the recovery installed if no errors, you can now install any compatible .zip ROM or app.

4. ROOT the device

- Place this file somewhere in the microSD first.
- Go into Recovery mode ("volume down" + "power")
- install with the option "install .zip from sd" from the recovery menu.

Note: after rooting dont restore to factory setting if you don´t want to end up in a bootloop, if this or similar happens the only solution yet (fully functional) is installing this Asian rom or this Custom rom by me. Make a backup first and wipe cache and rom partition with the option in the recovery menu.

With the Asian rom everything runs perfect with the disadvantage that only English and Chinese is available. You can modify the applications that come with it by removing and adding the ones you want before flashing it in recovery (open /system/app folder inside the zip and modify the system apps installed, just be careful not to eliminate necessary system apps).
once rooted my advice is to install "link2sd". Excellent application after making a fat32 partition of your SD with programs like MiniTool partition wizard

It moves all applications directly to the SD when configuring it in automatic mode. (the entire application, not like the inbuilt phone option). See post # 9 for instructions.


 Note : i'm not responsible if u brick your device...

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