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WIFI reverse TETHER over Ad-hoc for WINDOWS and UBUNTU

This guide teaches you to reverse tether your Android phone via WiFi. That is, it allows you to use your Ethernet connection of PC on your Android phone. It is useful for those who do not have WiFi routers and data connection. So if you have unlimited data plan for your computer, why not share the connection with your phone?

I am not the developer of the files supplied


1.Rooted Phone
2.Wifi enabled Laptop or PC
3.Root explorer or any other application which gives system access
4.File in the attachement

Procedure :-


Download and extract "wpa_supplicant" from it, save it on your SD card.

Open Root Explorer, and grant it superuser access when asked for.
Navigate to system -> bin and long press on wpa_supplicant; Select copy, and paste the file into any folder on your SD card.

Now navigate to the file you downloaded, copy it in same way, and paste it back to system -> bin. Note, you might need to mount the system as R/W instead of R/O by pressing a button on the top just before pasting the file.


▬▬Ubuntu (Must work for other Linux Distros too)▬▬:

Open Network Connections
Goto Wireless tab, select add, and set the following:
SSID: <Any_name_you_like>
Mode: Ad hoc
Leave other things unchanged, and go to Ipv4 settings tab
Set method to Shared to other computers
Go to Wireless security tab and set Security to WEP 40/128 bit key and set key to a numeric password (or hexadecimal one).
Check the connect automatically box on top of the tabs and press Save.
Your Android phone must now detect this network, and you can establish the connection by using your security key.

▬▬Windows XP, Vista, 7▬▬

Download and Install Connectify from www .

Start Connectify Hotspot by giving a name and password to your hotspot and selecting the Ethernet connection to share. Make sure the security type is WEP or Open.

Disable your firewall (Simply adding it to exceptions doesn't work for AVG at least)

Now your phone should be able to see the hotspot and establish the connection using the password set.

Known Issues :

1.Random disconnections (Very less frequency)
2.Disconnections due to screen lock / sleep on laptop
3.For me Security mode does not works

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