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Create your own boot animation - Easy and cool

I'm proud to present my program called "Boot Animation Creator"! It's a powerful tool that makes creating Android boot animations a lot easier job!

-Light on memory
-Easy-to-use user interface
-Makes boot animations in just three steps!
-Auto-update functionality
-Built-in updater
-No limitations of any kind!

-Microsoft .NET Framework 4
-All your frames drawn and organised into 'part' folders (the folders don't have to be called 'part')

How to use Boot Animation Creator
1. Open Boot Animation Previewer. Read the introduction, and click 'Next'

2. Choose the folder in which your boot animation is(the parent folder of the 'part' folders) and click 'Next'

3. Click the 'Add a loop' button to add a loop. A new window will appear. Just set the properties and click 'Add'

*Optional: you can edit the width, height and speed of your animation by selecting the first property item and clicking on the 'Edit' button. A window will appear. Change the properties and click 'Set'

4. Save the animation and click 'Next'

5. You're done! If you want, you can preview your boot animation by clicking the big 'Preview boot animation' button. You'll need the latest version of Boot Animation Previewer to use this feature.
Finally, click Finish

Video tutorial

Download link
Download Boot Animation Creator

Running Boot Animation Creator on Linux operating systems - thanks, kurdo_kolene!

Originally Posted by kurdo_kolene 1.Install PlayOnLinux or PlayOnMac respectively

2.Open PlayOnWhatever and press Install

3.Choose "Install a non-listed program" & press Next on the next screen

4.Select "Install a program in a new virtual drive" & press Next

5.Type in a name for the new virtual drive e.g. BootAnimationCreator & press Next

6.Check the boxes "Configure Wine" and "Install libraries" & press Next

7.In the newly opened window go to the "Libraries" tab, type "mscoree" in the small box or choose it from the drop-down menu, then press "Add". Select it from the bottom box, press edit and set it to "Builtin(Wine)", and press "Apply"

8.Tick the box "POL/POM _ Install mono 2.10" and press Next. Wait for the download and installation to complete.

9.On the next screen, press "Browse" and select the "install_bootanimationcreator.msi" file & press Next

10.Follow the steps of the installation wizard. When the installation has completed, just press finish, without ticking the box "Launch Boot Animation Creator" (you could, but you still have to make shortcut for it later). When the "Choose a file to create a shortcut" window appears, select "Boot Animation Creator.exe", press Next, type in a name for the shortcut e.g Boot Animation Creator, press Next, after that's finished press "I don't want to make another shortcut" and press Next and you're done.
Launch the application from your Desktop shortcut.
I don't suggest running Boot Animation Creator on other operating system than Windows. It may not run correctly, and on some computers it may not ever run. Therefore, use it with caution (this only appeals for running B.A.C. on other operating systems than Windows)! If you get errors while running B.A.C. on other operating systems than Windows, and not on Windows itself, I won't provide support for them, because this program is not intended to run on other OS than Windows. Report bugs only if you're using Boot Animation Creator on Windows.

Final words
That was about it. It was easy, wasn't it? Please post feedback and thoughts about my program, they are gladly appreciated.

visit for more details

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