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Tips to improve your Android mobile Battery life

                                 Here is the screenshot taken on my LG optimus One P500

Stay tune, there may be additional tips and important notes!

Put ur phone to sleep via notification power widget(CM Settings) to prevent wakelocks(awake while screen off).

Turn Wi-fi and Bluetooth off when not in use.
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Wireless and Networks)

Disable Wireless Network Positioning.
(Settings > Location)
Disable GPS Satellites.
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Location)

Manual Brightness: Lowest (0)
Auto-rotate screen: Off
Animation: No animation
Screen Time-out: 30secs or less.
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Screen & display)
For even lower brightness, set dim level to 10 or below
(CM Settings > Display > Automatic Backlight > Screen Dim Level)

Wallpaper and Widgets
Use static background instead of live wallpapers.
Darker wallpapers are recommended for AMOLED screen.
Use less active widgets (high refresh rate)
(Long press Home Screen)

Turn Airplane mode on while you are sleeping.
Turn off Data Transfer (network internet connection) when not in use.
Turn on Airplane Mode when you(user) sleep.
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Wireless & networks)
Use 2G/GSM Only, not 2G+3G/HSDPA.
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks)

Accounts & Sync
Disable background data transfer. (Turn on when using Android Market)
Disable Auto-sync accounts.
(Settings > Accounts and Sync)

Disallow Mock Location.
(Settings > Applications)

Sound & Vibrations
Set vibration only on silent mode.
Disable haptic feedback. (Vibration on UI interaction)
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Sound)

Language & Keyboard
Disable Keyboard Vibration / Set vibration to 0ms
(Settings > Language & Keyboard)

Rom Modules - Tweaks to your rom. Works for both stock and modded roms.
If there's undervolt module for your rom, use it.
Custom CPU governor such as smartass, smartassV2
(!) For some CM7 Roms, smartass makes your phone very lag, try smartassV2 or ondemand.

CPU & Processor
Reduce processor speed (Underclock).
Choose [powersave/conservative/smartass] governors. (!) Quite laggy.
[APP] SetCPU for Root Users
-Set processor speed and governors.

Use less UI-replace apps like CallerID, WidgetLocker, GO Locker etc.

Background and Running Apps
Use task killer ONLY for apps/games u wont use for the next few hours.
Dont leave task killer in the notification bar, kill it together.
(!) If u kill every system apps, your phone have to re-run them all over again. Thus battery drains.
(!) Watch what you kill

[APP] Titanium Backup's Freezing function (PAID VERSION)
-Prevent the apps from running without uninstalling them.
-Frozen apps wont be shown in App Drawer and cannot be launched. (You can defrost if you want)
-Safe common system apps to be frozen: (actually most of them are safe, what u freeze is what wont work)
  • Market (Market wont work)
  • Gmail (Market wont work)
  • Google Apps (affects Market)
  • Google Search (affects Market)
  • Google Talk
  • FOTAkill
  • Pico TTS (Speech to text wont work)
  • TTS Service (Speech to text wont work)
  • Voice Search (Voice Search wont work)
  • Voice Dialer (Voice Dialer wont work)
(!) Don't freeze apps like Sync, Settings, Package Installer, Messaging and some obviously important apps.
[APP] Autostarts
-Managing apps running automatically in most situations.
-e.g: during startup, after startup, widgets updating...

CyanogenMod Settings (Only available in Cyanogenmod Settings)
-Render Effect - N1 Calibrated
-Overscroll Effect - Disable
(CM Settings > Interface)
-Automatic Backlight Settings - Set Dim Level + Uncheck Allow light decrese
-Screen on/off animation - Disable
(CM Settings > Display)
-Haptic Feedback Tweaks - Disable all
(CM Settings > Input)
-CPU Settings - Adjust accordingly.
(CM Settings > Performance > CPU Settings)
-VM Heap Lower it, increase it if u play HD games.
(CM Settings > Performance)

Battery Saver App
Search on Google Play, there's tonnes.

Titanium Backup
SetCPU for Root Users

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