Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Frontline commando Android Hack

Using this hack you can get 6m cash and plenty of glu credits...

Instructions :

  1. Download Titanium backup and install it
  2. Download this file 
  3.  Place the file in a folder called "Titanium Backup"
  4. Open titanium backup and restore Frontline commando

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  1. hey rk can you upload LG USB drivers for Optimus Me P350 ,32 bit because i am tried i have not found 32 bit version please upload

    1. RK world is DMCA protected . Don't get into trouble , Don't mess with me, I saw your AndroHDgame, remove all the posts copied from my Blog...

  2. hey dude, this hunter guy's name is saif sheik and he has copied most of your posts