Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hack to use Google Music outside the US

Since i done a bit of research and dug around a bit  i finally came up with a thread that shows me how to get it working. And it actually does and i for one find it amazing.

What you get is with Google Music you get to have a 20,000 song space over the air firstly. That is awesome. You can play music offline or while you out and about and that frees space on your phone. More details regarding Google music you can get it here

Now on with the tutorial:
1) First download hotspot shield from here

2) Once you downloaded then install it on your pc. Once you install then start it up. I suggest to use either Firefox or Google Chrome.

3) What hotspot shield does it basically does is to use your browser as a VPN. That gives the impression that you are in America for example and you can download google music. Think of it as market enabler that you use on your phone for apps that are only available in the US or other countries.

Once hotspot shield is installed run this and the "shield" will go from red to green. This means it's running.

5) Then go to and register or login with your gmail address.

6) Download and install google music manager and exit hotspot shield.

7) Once done enjoy your music on any phone. For android just download the apk given in the OP.

So there you go...a very nearly full functional use of google music....let me know what you think and if it's helped you out. Feel free to share the guide if you like. Just make sure you ask me first and give link of my thread to yours. Once you finished all the setup and everything else with your account, no need no longer need to use hotspot so you can uninstall it from your pc

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  1. i have hotspot shield downloaded and installed but I still could not access to Google Music at all on my PC. :\

  2. Can I buy music after this?