Saturday, 12 May 2012

Need For Speed Shift Android Money Hack

you need to have played atleast 1 race in the game for this hack to work
Disclaimer : Im not responsible if u bricked ur phone during this process or ur phone.I have tested this myself and worked for me..

So, u want to know how to get $8,000,000 in Need For Speed Shift for Android...
This is what you will need..

1.A Brain
2.Hex Software

Here are the steps,
now connect ur phone to usb and enable usb mass storage..
and browse this folder SD\Android\data\com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift\files
there u will see a file called gamedata, copy that to ur desktop

Now Make a back up copy of the file tht u just copied,just in case u messed up the process

Now Open up the file in a hex editing software

then use the goto function usually available in the edit menu..
and enter the value 52 and press ok

now replace the values present in those locations with 7A 12

save the file.

replace the modified file with the one present in sd data

now u got good money to buy cars and upgrades

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