Friday, 18 May 2012

Conquer 3 Kingdoms (Deluxe) Android Hack

Name of Game: Conquer Three Kingdoms Deluxe
Game Version if known: 1.0.0 I presume if it come out today
Name of Cheat: Gem and Money

Manual Steps:
1. Start the the Game with GameCIH on and start a new game, at the character select search on CIH 0.

2. Then choose Guan Yu as a character (He is starting one). Do the tutorial mission to learn the mechanics of the game. By the end you will complete it and the level goes forever and you now get to select from like 80? or something. .

3. Choose the first mission (Now comes the FUN STUFF!), notice you have now gems (I had 8), search this now on CIH. Your possible values now massively decrease in number. If you have one you are a lucky b***ard and can skip a step.

4. Buy character to lose 5 gems. I now have 3. In my case I bought Lu Bu, because he is the human definition of a tank in any game. Search now 3 and you should have 1 value.

5. Change now this single value to something like 99999999. Voila! You can now unlock all characters, buy pets, get free lvl ups and stuff from the in game shop during a mission. Level 999 Lu Bu HERE I COME!!!

Money: Easy as piss.
1. By now you have hacked gems so lets start the first mission with whoever (My case LU BU!).

2. Search the amount of money you have on CIH, easy enough.

3. Buy something from the ingame shop for coins. I dunno some Stygian powder or whatever its called, doesn't matter what as long as you can afford it.

4. Search the new amount of money, should work first time to one value, if not repeat step 3 onwards.

5. CHange the money to silly high amount like 99999999. You can now buy ALL OF THE THINGS. I now have a level 999 Lu BU from gems with a golden glowing full power halberd (from moneys) and all skills which eats armies for breakfast.

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