Monday, 21 May 2012

Dark Meadow Android Hack for lots of Coins , exp , etc


  1. Root your android mobile and download Root explorer app
  2. Download this file 
  3. copy the file and navigate to this location:

  4. Reboot
 Note :
In here you will find your save files, if you already have a PACTSAVE3.BIN file back this up first, if not paste the downloaded save into this folder.

Support Notes: If you have issues with Dark Meadow finding the save file do the following:

Backup all your save files including the: PACTMETADATA.BIN file. Now delete ALL the save files including the pactmetadat.bin file, force stop, clear cache/data on the game. Start up the game and allow it to get to the menu, now exit and copy the downloaded save file: PACTSAVE3.BIN into the game folder. You will notice that the game has created a new PACTMETADATA.BIN file.

Now start up the game and all should be fine, with just the one save file to load.

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  1. The save file was rejected, the game said that this save was signed by a different Google account therefore it cannot be loaded.
    Any solution?

    1. never experienced such problem ... pls give one more try and its perfectly working

    2. I'm having the same problem, it looks like a google-ID is stored in your save file, and another google-ID/account is trying to access it.

      Can you tell us what/how you edited the save file so we can edit our own file?

  2. Best way around this is to use GameGuardian. You can hit all the vitals, the pain is getting the Sun Coins/EXP..

    Method: (Best using a new game) Use GameGuardian to get INF Cash from the start, now go through the game upgrading items as you go. Make sure you don't spend any sun coins/EXP, but do buy new items as you level up. Save up EXP till you have 10 or more points then use GG to hack the EXP as you spend points.

    Once you have EXP and Cash hacked build your player stats up, 50-100 on each. Now continue playing until you have at least 30 Sun Coins, the minimum spend is 10 Sun Coins for med kits. Now try and hack the Sun Coins, should come through after 3 searches, but sometimes it takes 4. (40 Sun Coins) If you fail to find the address you will have no choice but to build up more sun coins!

    Best of luck. :)