Friday, 4 May 2012

Screen ColourControl, Camera Enhancements, Screen Density, Boot Animation + MORE! - Samsung Galaxy Nexus


This is all part of the Galaxy Nexus ToolKit but I have made a new Thread for people who may not have noticed it, people who didnt need the ToolKit but may find some of the Mods useful or just people who want to talk about the Phone Mods specifically.

  • Change the Screen Density (DPI)
  • CWM Recovery, Only 1 No in the Confirmation Screen
  • Camera Sounds (Disable/Enable Camera Shutter, Video Camera Shutter, Focus)
  • Camera Enhancements (Increase Video Bitrate, Sound Bitrate, Photo Quality)
  • Change WiFi Scan Interval (Time between scanning for new Wifi Access Points)
  • Startup Boot Animation Screen (Disable/Enable which affects Boot Time)
  • Screen Colour Control (Change Gamma Offset and Colour Multiplier)


The Phone Mods are part of the Galaxy Nexus ToolKit. You can download the latest version *HERE* (no need to install drivers if you already have adb/fastboot drivers installed) and select option 19 in the Main Menu to enter the Phone Mods Section.


STOCK ROM users will need to enter the Mods Section via the Galaxy Nexus ToolKit as most functions need an insecure boot image which is set up from the Model Selection Screen of the ToolKit. If you are running a CUSTOM ROM (with insecure boot image) then you can run the ModsSection.exe directly if you wish.

ALL Mods Section functions require you to be booted into Android and connected to the PC via usb with adb/fastboot drivers installed. If you havent done this already then refer to the Galaxy Nexus ToolKit Thread for setup instructions.

The Galaxy Nexus ToolKit and Mods Section are very tightly integrated and so is impossible to seperate the 2 parts unless I want to cut out Stock Rom users (which I dont) so please dont ask if I can split them up. I could but its just not worth it.

Lastly if you have any ideas for functions that can be added to the Mods Section or just want to discuss a particular function then feel free.


I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. No warranties of any kind are given.

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