Monday, 21 January 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – News, Rumors, Specifications and Release date

When Samsung  released its first Note series Phablet tech reviewers said that this is the worst mobile phone concept, the phone would be a flop, etc. But Samsung Galaxy Note was a huge successes , based on this success Samsung released the next version called Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with beefed features which was one again a blockbuster.

Now Samsung has took one step ahead in showing its innovation in the next note, that is Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I think Samsung is taking some risk in this phone because this phone has 6.3-inch screen. I know you are defiantly saying “WTF???...” on seeing this. Yes, this Phablet has got such a big screen. This would be more risky for Samsung because an ordinary person cannot hold such a huge device in his hand, even many people feel some difficulty in handling Samsung Galaxy S3.  But I’m sure that Samsung will compromise its customers with “pocket-ability and one-handed use” of the device.

We also learned from sources that this phone is perfect for multitasking as it’s screen can split into two windows. 

The next most wonderful thing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is that it has got 8-core Exynos 5 Octa processor comprising four ARM A15 cores and four ARM A7 cores. Rumors says that depending on the Nature of the task only any four gets activated during the task. i.e. four cores for everyday tasks and other four high performance cores for intensive tasks. Rumors also says that this processor helps you to save 70% of power.

So, This Monster is best for fast-paced games, high-definition videos and heavy multitasking, without draining your battery.

These things were also reported in Korean Times recently.

Rumored Specifications :

6.3-inch 1080p FullHD OMEGA Amoled Touchscreen

16Gb or 32GB of flash memory
Expandable upto 64GB
Primary 12MP
Operating System
Android 5.0 Key lime pie
Special Features
- screen can split into two windows

Release date of Note 3 is not yet known officially . But Korean times said that the phone will arrive sometime in 2013.

So, will you buy this Android Monster ?

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