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Temple Run 2 – Review (iOS), News, Release date (Android) and Gameplay

Temple Run most popular game of 2012 which had some 170 million downloads both in iOS and Android platforms. The successor of this game Temple Run 2 is available for download but only for iPhone and iPad.

The world’s most popular endless runner game is back with better graphics and with a big monkey.

Temple Run 2 follows old footage of Touchscreen gesture controls i.e Swipe Up to jump, Swipe left and right to turn and swipe down to slide. These are the basic controls to avoid any pits and obstacles. Important thing about the game is collecting coins, where you have to tilt your phone to collect the coins which you get in your way.

Imangi Studios the developer of Temple Run has used Unity development platform to develop the game. The New Temple Run is rich in graphics, the background of the game has more details.
The new thing in gameplay is that there is a mine cart section, where actually you ride a mine cart and you have to steer safely through forks by tilting left and right, while ducking under stray beams.
Like the previous version you have got several Characters like Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee.

Also there are limited time upgrades where you can protect your selves from the obstacles, Boost whizzes to run faster or a coin magnet which attracts all the coins.

Unlike the Temple Run 1, The new game has got two virtual currencies : coins and gems, using which you can upgrades.

Here coins are used to unlock the characters, increasing duration of power ups, increasing multiplier score, etc while Gems are used for things like restarting the Game from the point where you had died or one-time boosts of power-ups.

Temple Run 2 is also a Free Game like its older version but you will have to pay for Coins and Gems.

News about Android version :

The Temple Run 2 will be launched for android on an 24th.


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