Saturday, 5 January 2013

SolidRun CuBox Pro - Pocket-sized Open Source Computer

CuBox Pro - a small computer with great possibilities presented by the development team SolidRun this week to the public. Novelty is equipped with SoC (system on chip) ARM PJ4 Marvell Armada 510 processor with a clock frequency of 800 MHz and a gigabyte of RAM, which does not prevent her to play high-definition video, as well as the operating system and lets you use Ubuntu, Debian, GeeXbox, as well as, Android.

In addition to the above, this computer has an infrared receiver, ports HDMI, e-SATA, Gigabit Ethernet and two USB 2.0, as well as expansion slot micro-SD and optical output SPDIF. 

SolidRun CuBox Pro weighs just over 90 grams, and energy consumed is just 3W. It is expected that sales will begin this month, and its value will be around $ 159.

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