Saturday, 6 July 2013

Add Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4's Eye traking feature to your Android Mobile

Smart Stay Ex makes worries over screen off during reading a matter of past.

SmartStay Ex is an easy to use and free app that implements one of the coolest features in Samsung Galaxy S3, the Smart Stay. The feature uses the front facing camera to detect whether the user is looking at the phone and if the user is, then Smart Stay makes sure the phone screen stays on so the user can continue to read or do whatever they were doing. If not, it’ll shut the screen off. It thus more accurately controls the screen based on how the user is using it and you can get rid of the annoying action of having to turn on the screen or touch the screen so that your screen stays on.

* Double checking - preventing screen off from accidental fail detection with double checking feature.
* Idle time feature - allows app to intelligently run the scanning when the device is idle.
* Low Light support - Help the app to function properly under low light environment.
* Exception List - This allows you to specify which app you don't want the app to run on.
* Debug Mode - Allows you to easily see what went wrong with the detection.
* Customizable Polling Time - Enable you to specify the time out customization.
* Premium Support.

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Smart Stay Ex

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