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Deus Ex: The Fall for ANDROID - Review, Price and Release Date

Deus Ex: The Fall is one of the successful iOS Games whose story is closely related to that of the 2011 game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Deus Ex: The Fall is a cyberpunk action-stealth video game which is exclusively for mobile platforms.

Eidos Montreal
Android, iOS
Release Date
Coming Soon for Android
Action role-playing, first-person shooter, stealth
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Deus Ex: The Fall is a Set in 2027– the golden era for science, technology and human augmentation. Ben Saxon an augmented former British SAS Mercenary, is desperate for the truth behind a global conspiracy threatening his life. The story in the game directly follows that in James Swallow's Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, a tie-in novel to the 2011 game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Deus Ex: The Fall brings full console experience of the Deus Ex to mobile. The Presentation of the game is spectacular. The Game offers a great mix of gameplay, as you really can approach combat as stealthily or head-on as you'd like — though The Fall gives you greater rewards for non-violent solutions. The game offers a full suite of weapons, including more than 20 guns and lots of grenade types, as well as active and passive abilities to employ from Ben's mechanically augmented body.

The motion controls is a bit hectic. The character can be moved to a location by double tapping on the screen but it’s too easy to activate accidentally. Dragging anywhere on the right half of the screen changes the view, and the left half the screen controls the movement.

As this is an action-stealth genre game, shooting abilities matters much. The fall’s Shooting isn't totally precise, as you just move your cursor with fingers over a target. There are fire buttons on the left and right side of the screen, and buttons to crouch and take cover.

The weapons, grenades and power-ups all worked on buttons that would open drop-down menus with more options when held. It was a nice way to save space, but it made it somewhat difficult to change weapons in the middle of heated combat.

Some of the Augmentations like Smart vision, Punch tool, etc. are refreshing and social and hacking skills are pretty smart. If you are a fan of Deus Ex franchise you will definitely enjoy its Gameplay.

Graphics and Sound

The fall’s graphics is remarkable. The Gold tint feels like playing Deus Ex: Human revolution. The Characters, shadows and surrounding speaks about the visually stunning graphics. Like its big brother, The Fall has same sound effects.


Deus Ex: The Fall worth every penny. You may feel some difficulties to play this game on your phone as this is first person shooter game. The Game is highly recommended for Tablets or mobile phone with BIG screen. One may feel uncomfortable to use the controls even on a mobile phone with 4.7" screen because you can't much space to hit the buttons and to see everything clearly.

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