Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Brothers in Arms 3 - Gameplay, Screenshots, Price and Release Date

Gameloft recently confirmed about its upcoming game, Brother in Arms 3. BIA is one of the most successful game sequels from Gameloft. 

Brothers in Arms 3 is a war-based third person shooter game but it isn't a traditional shooter but more of an on-rails affair, though not a strictly guided one. You'll be able to swipe between cover points and utilize different touch-based mechanics to take out your Nazi opponents. Accessing navigating maps is easier & more exciting.

Brothers in Arms 3 takes place during World War II. In the game, the player appear to be cast as a soldier in a war-torn corner of the world. Brothers in Arms 3 has ultimate graphics like Modern Combat 5. The slow motion explosions, slow motion gun shots and the water effects are impressive. 

Yet the official releasing date of BiA3 is not yet known. Stay tuned to RK World, I'll update this article soon with the Price and release date. Meanwhile watch the gameplay of BiA3.

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