Friday, 12 July 2013

iOS 7's Control Center for Android - Demo and Download

Apple is known for its innovation. Apple recently announced iOS 7, its latest software which has been self proclaimed as world's most advanced mobile OS. But I don't agree with that because most of the features looks like they were ported from Android.

Control Center is one of the innovative features of iOS, though it feels like an Android phone notification it feels really Good. If you want this feature on your Android phone, you have to download this Android App called Control center developed by Hi Tools Studio.

 Control Center for Android has iOS7 UI Style. The App provides easy wifi, rotation, data connection, vibration and Airplane mode toggles. You can also control volume and brightness. The App also allows you to launch some apps like Camera, flashlight, calculator with simple touch. And you can also do all these things even on the lock screen.

Control Center for Android gives you iOS7 feel but it stills lacks iOS7 animations and music control support. But still its a wonderful application.

Download link
Control Center for Android

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