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10 Awesome Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories - Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Best Smartphone of the year in terms of specifications and features. To use Samsung's innovative features on Samsung Galaxy S4 you need some accessories, I have listed 11 among those awesome accessories.

These accessories are officially manufactured by Samsung and they are available. I have also linked to online marketplaces where you can buy these accessories with their prices.

1. S Band


S band is a waterproof band which you can wear in any weather conditions. S Band can be connected with Samsung Galaxy S4 using Bluetooth and S Band is compatible with S Health 2.0 Application which is previously installed on Samsung Galaxy S4. 

S Band will record your steps, calories burned and distance traveled.

BUY: S Band 
Price: $100

2. S View Cover

S View Cover is a usual Samsung Flip cover with a cut-out window. The Screen cover has leather like texture. The problem with S View cover is that the dirt accumulates quite easily, but cleaning it isn’t particularly tedious either.
The Special mode activates when the S View cover is closed on Samsung Galaxy S4. Cut-out window which is made out of transparent plastic helps you to answer or reject call, display notification, the clock and date, missed calls, new emails, messages and currently played song.
Price: $17

3. Game Pad

Game Pad helps to transform your Samsung Galaxy S4 into a gaming device. Game Pad can be connected to S4 via Bluetooth. The Game pad has Dual Analog Stick, shoulder keys and 4 Action buttons. These specially optimized buttons will give you superior gaming experience.
The Game Pad is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4, Note and Note 2.

BUY: Game Pad
Price: $113

4. Wireless Charging Pad and Cover


Samsung’s Wireless Charging Pad and Cover can help you to charge your phone wirelessly. Wireless charging Cover easily installs, replacing your existing battery door and allowing on-the-fly, cable-free charging with any Qi-enabled charger base. With the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, you can charge your phone without disconnecting/reconnecting cables to your handset every time you pick up your phone to use and put it back down to charge. Simply place your phone on the Wireless Charging Pad and it will begin charging.

Price: $50

Price: $40

5. Flip Cover

This is the ordinary cover which you have seen before for Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note. Flip Cover is easy to use and highly reliable.

BUY: Flip Cover  
Price: 37$

6. Pouch

 Samsung describes this Pouch as "classic" and "premium," the official pouch is a handsome way to protect the new phone.
Price: $38

7.  Protective Cover+


If you are a heavy mobile user you must have this accessory. Protective Cover+ protects the device from falls, bumps and scratches. This cover will also give attractive look for your Samsung Galaxy S4. Protective cover+ is available in Light Blue, Navy, Pink, White and Green colors.
Price: $30

8. Extra Battery Kit


Samsung Galaxy S4 has huge battery but still it drains fast for hard core gamers and internet surfers. If you are one of them, you will definitely love this extra battery kit. This charging kit includes a replacement 2600mAh battery, charger, and new cable.
Price: $50

9. HRM

HRM is a black band that straps across your chest. It connects to the Samsung Galaxy S4 via Bluetooth. This accessory of Samsung Galaxy S4 act as Real-time heart rate monitor. It contols exercise intensity by checking heart rate. The HRM is compatible with Running Pro application.

Price: $100

10. Body Scale

The Body Scale of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a Bluetooth enabled device that connects to your smartphone and Keep track of your health. It measures your body weight for up to 7 users and sends it to your Galaxy S4 via the S-Health 2.0 app. Not only this, it also maintains the weight history so you can keep track of your weight overtime.
Price: $135

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