Monday, 24 June 2013

Change the App Icons of your Android Mobile Phones - Simple method

  • Sony Xperia Z Icons
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Icons
  • Place the App in a folder in your PC.
  • Right Click on APK > Open with> 7zip

  • Open res folder

  • Find and Open the folder  “drawable-xhdpi“

  • Find the Icon of the app which you are editing in this folder and then Note the name of the icon image.
  • Change the name of the New Icon to the name of original icon.
  • After changing the name copy and replace the Old icon with new icon in that folder.
  • Copy the APK to you phone and move it to the System/app with correct permissions
This method works with all most all APPS. But it may not work with some system apps. Give a try and let us know in the comments.

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