Friday, 21 June 2013

Root Samsung Galaxy Note - Easy Method

Disclaimer : Rooting your phone Voids your phone warranty. I'm not responsible if you Brick your device. 

Read this before Rooting : What is Rooting on Android? The Advantages and Disadvantages 

Instructions :

  1. Download this APK
  2. After you have finished downloading the app. Install it by going to the directory you download it to, then click on it. If you got this error message 
  3. Go to Setting-> Security-> Tick “Unknown Sources”
  4. Now open the app and click “Root device”.
  5. Now you will get this screen so click “Grant”. 
  6. Now your device is rooted but,for Security reasons you have to tick “Disable Exploit” & “Disable Exploit on boot”. 
  7. IF you had any issues with the camera than unmark these options. 
  8. Now close this app and go to you app drawer where you will find a new app called SuperSu,click on it and when it opens it will ask you to update the binary so tab on “Continue”. 
  9. Now your phone has been rooted

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  1. thank you, it was really easy... (h)