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Gangstar Vegas - Android/iOS - Gameplay and Review

Gangstar, most popular game sequel like Modern Combat and Asphalt is now back. Gangster Vegas is the new game from Gameloft with more enriched graphics and Gaming experience. Like its predecessors, Gangstar Vegas takes many of its cues from popular open-world action games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row, offering plenty of story-driven missions and a large setting to explore. As such, you can expect to drive around in stolen cars, engage in gunfights with random thugs, and perhaps even run over a pedestrian or two.

As Jason Malone, a boxer who gets paid to take a dive by mobster Frank Valieno, you agree to throw the match, but during one round, you manage to get a hit in and you knock the other guy out cold. You win the fight, and while you didn't mean to, you’re now on Frank’s hit list. During this interactive prologue, you’re introduced to the hand-to-hand fighting controls.

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Vegas’ tutorial introduces you to the main aspects of the game while documenting your escape from Frank. Everything is pretty straightforward. You’re able to steer your vehicle by tilting, but I found I was tilting my iPad like a wild man and still couldn't get around corners that easily. I fiddled with the sensitivity, but eventually just swapped to the virtual button steering option. You're able to change the control type for each different vehicle, should you be so inclined.

If you’ve played a previous Gangstar game, then you already know what to expect, as Vegas doesn’t mark any kind of significant evolution in the series. You run around doing missions for Vera and others as you attempt to take down Frank and figure out how everything went so bad so fast. As with the previous Gangstar games, most of these missions involve blowing away anyone and everyone you see with an insane array of weapons, driving and flying around as recklessly as you possibly can, evading the cops, stealing all kinds of vehicles (which is admittedly a lot of fun) and generally acting like a colossal sociopath for hours on end.

One of the biggest draws to this type of game is the freedom to do what you want. And Gangstar Vegas provides an epically larger map than any previous Gangstar game. Players have nine times the amount of map in which to go exploring, hijack cars, ramp and wreck them, beat people up, or visit the “gentlemen’s” club. The default controls work well, but you’re also offered some nice customization options if they don’t suit you. It might feel more real to tilt your iPad or a tablet this way and that to direct your character where to run and drive, but it gets tiring after a while so it’s nice to have many other options on how to get around.

The real issue with Gangstar Vegas is that it’s not a ground breaking game and doesn’t offer any new ideas, just higher quantities of things — more missions, extra items to buy and upgrade, and a bigger map. Grand Theft Auto clones have been around for years, and more inventive games have come and gone. And like a clone, Gangstar Vegas isn’t as good as the GTA games. However, it is still a good addition to the open world gaming genre in terms of functionality and fun despite being wholly unoriginal. If you’ve never played a game like this and want something a little more modern, or just want a decent game in which to beat people up and run people over, Gangstar Vegas would be a good start.

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