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Huge List of Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

CODE- [D]- Discontinued, [O] - Outdated/not updated in last 3 months, [H] - Hybrid rom
********************TW based ICS ROMS*******************
AlBa Syndicate by xaoc747 - Thread

AllianceROM N7000 ICS (CWM) by Robbie Hood - Thread

AllianceROM N7000 ICS | Resurrection Edition (Odin) by Robbie Hood - Thread

Cassie's XtraLiteRom ICS by thering1975 - Thread

Chrack´s ICS by Chrack - Thread

CLASSIC ROM by grgsiocl - Thread

CleaNote by g.lewarne - Thread

CosmoROM by CosmoDroid - Thread

Crash Rom by Crash 1976 - Thread

Criskelo's ICS by criskelo - Thread

Epsilon Project by core720- Thread

FusionRom by cerebralassassin - Thread

KingDroid ICS NoteMania by PETKING - Thread

[O] Litening ROM Note by LitePro - Thread

LorDroiD by lord-ralf-adolf - Thread

M.a.Z ROM Lite by mazmazmaz - Thread

Mr.Luong™ ROM by galaxy1210 - Thread

RocketROM by eybee1970 - Thread

Sweet ROM by not-i - Thread

[O] [Team Rocket ROM][open beta ICS v4.0.3] by Chris X. - Thread

TheMIDTeam 1.6.2 Codename "B&G" LQ3 by maxicet - Thread

VillainROM by
JieeHD - Thread

********************CM9/AOKP (ICS) ROMS*******************
Android Open Kang Project - GT-N7000 by sixstringsg - Thread

AniDroid-N7000 by novic_dev - Thread

CyanogenMod 9 Nightlies by XpLoDWilD - Thread

Ganbarou GT-N7000 CM9 by BeeGee_Tokyo - Thread

[D] [discontinued]HALF-ILLUSION by abhisahara - Thread

[O] ICS AOKP For Note! Milestone 4 by eaglerazor123 - Thread

[D] [discontinued] ICS StuNNeR by neobuddy89 - Thread

[H] Liquid Black by firasusman - Thread

[O] M3dD0g´s LiquidSmooth by m3dd0g - Thread

PARANOIDANDROID by imilka - Thread


[D] [discontinued]{The Collective}{ICS}AoCP CP by dman3285 - Thread

********************MIUI ROMS*******************
[H] RocketMIUI by eybee1970 - Thread

[H] un-official tw miui by pvillasuso - Thread

maxicet - Thread

[D][discontinued][H] UN-OFFICIAL MIUI v4 Note 2.6.22 LEAK by pvillasuso - Thread

[H] VengeanceNote Edition MIUI by Gerrett- Thread

[H] VengeaneNote2 by Gerrett - Thread

********************GB ROMS*******************
[O] CheckROM NoteHD™ V6 | Kitchen Pro v2.41 by LeoMar75 - Thread

[O] Chrack´s XXLC1 Multi - FF Beta- Jkay Mod by Chrack - Thread

[O] CriskeloRomNOTE by criskelo - Thread


[O] MIDNOTE 3.3 Codename "B&G" by maxicet - Thread

[O] ROCKET ROM - v23 - GB - LC1 by eybee1970 - Thread

[O] [4lph4 n3v3r d135][AbyssNote][JKay-Mod 4lph4 III] by Chris X. - Thread
************************************************** *************************************
NOTE- Few roms listed above are outdated and are may be no longer supported by the developers and subject to user discretion before flashing.
************************ CM10/AOKP/AOSP based JB ROMs*****************************
½ i l l u s i Θ n by toxicthunder & abhisahara - Thread

Android Open Kang Project by sixstringsg - Thread

AniDroid-JB-N7000 by novic_dev - Thread

BlackCNA by m3dd0g - Thread

Cookies & Cream by neobuddy89 - Thread

CyanogenMod 10 - Official Preview by XpLoDWilD - Thread

JellyBeer by beerbong - thread

JellyCore by g.lewarne - Thread

[D] [discontinued]Liquid Smooth - Jelly Bean by antiochasylum - Thread

LiquidSmooth by toxicthunder - Thread

PARANOIDANDROID by imilka - Thread

paranoidandroid by Staxxthedan - Thread

PARANOIDANDROID by Utacka - Thread

Slim Bean-n7000 by krarvind - Thread

SuperNexus - N7000 by Faryaab - Thread

Team Asylum CM10 by zX TheRipper Xz - Thread

Team Asylum AOKP JB by antiochasylum - Thread

[D] [discontinued]UNOFFICIAL Nightlies by Utacka - Thread

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