Monday, 29 October 2012

Global Outbreak Android Hack

Name of game: Global Outbreak
Name of cheat: Points, Money, Research Points, Gold. All saved Server Side.

To do this cheat you'll need something like GameGuardian where you can browse the memory.

Each time you pick up an item in a mission (money, gold, research) the value is incremented by 1 I've had gold increment by 2 in the past so don't use it as a reference.


1. I couldn't do a initial fuzzy search with gg since it would lock the game so instead i searched for 0 - 4 bytes.

2. After picking up an item search for 1 and continue to 2, 3 etc... until you get a memory address that is valid. For me it was 47C616B0 for money.

3. Use the memory browser and goto the memory location you found in step 2.

4. You will see some address below or above depending on what you searched on. These are the addresses to take note of since they will be the same for all missions and are for points, money, research points, and gold.

5. Once you get back to the extraction point hit the button to call for the helicopter and then hit the pause button.

6. Go to gg's memory browser and modify the values to what you want from 0 to x I wouldn't suggest more than 4000 for any of them. Take note if you modify money to 2000 it means 2000x5000.

7. Unpause and you will see that you picked up x points, x money, x research points, and x gold. Depending on what value you entered in the memory browser.

Hope that helps. It will save what you get out of a mission server side. Have fun.

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  1. ive tried searching for numbers up to 30 but im not sure how long the search should take or if im doing anything wrong

  2. I've searched numbers up to 30 after grabbing a research point, how long should the search take and have I missed something?

  3. Try again correctly... it took few minutes for me...

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    1. GameGuardian Android app - download it from here -