Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Rail Rush Android Hack

Money is a standard cheat. Collect some nuggets. Search for nugget and search for value. Now collect more nuggets and search for the value again till you are down to two address. Set value to a higher value. This address will be retained after you start a new round.

Rock eggs: Collect a rock egg. Search for 1. Collect more rock eggs and search for 2. This address search can be made over several rounds. And search for 1 again.
Note you can only get one bonus skill for the next round after that you tend to get NOTHING.

Dynamite. Buy your preferred dynamite stick (3) and equip it. Search for 3 dynamite. Use 1 stick. Search for 2. Use another stick search for 1. Use one more stick search for 0. You may need to equip it again in the next game before you can narrow down the values. Once you have found the address. You can now lock the value to 3 or a set it a higher value which works and is very useful which allows you to reset your search and search for other things to play with such as ram and barricades

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