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Top 15 Best Apps and Games Of The Week 21/10/12 - Free Downloads

The best applications and games of the week, RK world recommends you!


This list of this week brings many new features, new apps and games updates and blockbuster releases. check now!

15 - 2XL Supercross HD v1.0.0

Brief Description

Bury the competition as you ride like a professional ! Discover secret jump combinations within each track as you master the physics of motocross in this adventure racing at high speed.

"2XL Supercross HD" is an all-new offroad racing experience from the creative team that brought you such popular hits as: Motocross Madness, ATV Offroad Fury and MX Unleashed.
This racing game based on rhythm is easy to pick up and play, but their increasing challenges will keep you in the zone for hours. Blitz your way through carefully crafted doubles, triples and treacherous screams on tracks by Custom Motocrosschampion Stephane Roncada.

Download link
2XL Supercross HD

14 - The Akinator genie v1.85

Brief Description

Akinator, the Genie is back!
The Akinator can read your mind and say what character you are thinking, doing just a few questions. Think about a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who he is. You dare challenge the Genie?

Personalize people you know (name and picture) to impress your friends, share your results on Facebook, discover the new Akinômetro and more in coming updates. Enable the filter for the kids play safely.

Download link
The Akinator genie

13 - New Prime Launcher v1.3.2

Brief Description

Groups drawer:
Folders in App Drawer
unlimited custom tabs
Organize apps into folders and tabs in the app drawer

Hide Apps
Keep a drawer clutter free by hidding never used applications.

Unread counts
Never miss an email. Badges count for unread SMS, missed calls and Gmail. Counts show in the dock, desktop, drawer and folders.

Download link
New Prime Launcher

12 - MX Player Pro v1.7.6

Brief Description

The best video player for Android, as well as supports almost all video and subtitles extensions still lets you watch web videos, all in perfect interface!

What's new in this version:

Fixed error by returning the video swipping.
fixed breaking video to get the position end .
fixed initiation error on some devices, including Foxconn Pocketbook A10.
Changing the filename of custom codec ( . so ...)

Download link
MX Player Pro

11 - CameraPro (CameraX) 2.0 v2.30

Brief Description

Photography Training App for Android CameraPro (previously known as "CameraX") provides quick access to your camera phone capture and video recording capabilities.

It is highly customizable, including projects and different arrangements of the menu. Pictures can be sent directly from CameraPro to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Twitter.

Download link

10 - Razor Salvation THD v1.0.6

Brief Description

Defend your homeland. Save the world.
As commander of the dropship "Salvation", you are tasked to rescue the inhabitants of the earth and helping with the effort of defense EDSF.
Razor Salvation is the first in a series of games that will take the player through the history of Xenos and why they invaded our planet Earth.

Features THD
stereoscopic 3D - Play 3D when connected to a 3D-capable HDTV!
Wireless Controller - full console experience when used with a wireless controller and supports HDTV output!

Download link
Razor Salvation THD

9 - Total Recall The Game Ep2 v1.1 QVGA / HVGA

Brief Description

Our hero, Doug (aka Schwarzenegger) Rekall out of the ground, but this time with more weapons crazy!
Destroy your enemies with a grenade launcher and many new weapons more powerful and more!

Undergo massive new levels, looking for all the secrets until the fight end with all heads of news!

 Download link
 Total Recall The Game Ep2

8 - Tongue Tied! v3.0.0

Brief Description

Join the lovable canine duo as they get, swing and ping their way across 80 levels of slapstick madness in search of the elusive WonderBone.

Tongue Tied! comes complete with a unique physics-based mechanic and a whacky assortment of obstacles to use and abuse. Earn high scores to unlock medals and when you're ready, take a trip to the doghouse Mick & Ralph, where 33 challenges - and their unique unlockables - await.

Download link
 Tongue Tied!

7 - Z - Screen Recorder PRO 1.0.11 [cracked]

Brief Description

Want to record the screen of your android? You can use this app very cool, fits all devices and writes in the resolution cell.

Record video from the screen of your device to make app promos or tutorials.

Z-PRO ScreenRecorder need permition ROOT to run.
Try the free version first to ensure that this application works properly on your device.

Download link
Z-PRO ScreenRecorder

6 - Star Warfare: Alien Invasion v2.10.01

Brief Description

Top 10 games in 62 countries AppStore Console battles as Head, 36 single-player levels, multiplayer supported, tons of equipment and unique avatars to collect!

Solid single player mode
✓ multiple enemies with rich AI
control console mild taste ✓
✓ 7 maps and 42 levels, loot can be used in solo and multiplayer modes too but E!

Download link
Star Warfare: Alien Invasion

5 - CHAOS RINGS v1.1.0

Brief Description

Chaos Rings takes full advantage of the capabilities of Android. Using a system of classic game that any RPG fan will enjoy, it presents an epic tale consisting of four different scenarios, all brought to you with gorgeous sound and unbelievably smooth 3D graphics.

The story revolves around a tournament where combatants fight for their lives: the Ark Arena. After choosing a pair of characters, one male and one female, you will then have to fight against the other pairs. Each pair has their own story, and the truth behind the Ark Arena will not be revealed until each story is completed.

Download link

4 - Real Football 2013 v1.0.3

Brief Description

The latest edition of the successful football simulation is back to score another victory for the franchise with a new set of moves.
Participate in football simulation more engaging and show that you are the best in the field . Strengthen your team, develop your club facilities, hiring new employees, dealing with sponsors and more.

Download link
Real FootBall 2013

3 - Pocket Girlfriend v1.29

Brief Description

A girl avatar exotic, hot and sexy with voice recognition in your pocket. +16 Years.

ADULT sold on iTunes App now on Android Experience the HOTTEST INTERACTIVE ADULTS ONLY VIDEO GAME available today. She is a girl avatar exotic, erotic, hot, sexy and virtual with voice recognition in your pocket.

Download link
Pocket Girlfriend

2 - Remote Desktop Client v3.6.2

Brief Description

connect to your Windows computers across the Internet from a mobile device equipped with Google Android platform. Once connected, it gives you mouse and keyboard control over your computer while showing you everything that's happening on screen.

You can leave your computer without losing access to your files, applications and email. Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client is using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Download link
Remote Desktop Client

1 - Beats Audio ™ Installer root v2.3.1

Brief Description

This application will install the Beats Audio driver for your system . You'll hear a big difference in high end phones, but even low-power devices will notice improvement with these drivers. DSP Audio Manager probably will not work on many devices.

Simply the best for your phone in great quality headphones especially with all tested and approved.

Download link
Beats Audio ™ Installer root

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