Monday, 5 November 2012

iPhone 6 Expected in June 2013

There were rumors that iPad Mini will be released on 23rd October 2012. It was even expected by Wall Street experts and close associates of Apple. But to the shock of everyone, Apple has released iPad 4. Most of the people have purchased New iPad or 3rd generation iPad released in March, soon after its release. But to their surprise, a new version of the tablet has been released now, reducing the life cycle of their product.

iPhone 5 has been announced and released in September 2012. So, the new version of iPhone, lets say iPhone 6 can be expected in the month of July of 2013 i.e. after nine months of release of iPhone 5.

Following reasons can be attributed for this expectation:

Apple wants to give surprises: For recapturing the market and imagination of fans of Apple, it is very much necessary to release new kind of products very much different from the trend. By upgrading to the iOS 6 from the previous mobiles, users who have purchased the previous versions of the mobile can also enjoy the latest features on their mobiles. So, it will keep the wow factor alive even on using the old version mobile but with new upgraded features.

Apple needs a catalyst: Recent surveys show that Samsung is the market leader in the smart phone segment with a share of nearly sixty four percent. In the global market, Samsung is in the top position when it comes to sales of smart phones. Apple was having 18.2 percent share and in the recent times it has increased to 18.8 percent share. So, Apple is in dire need of catalyst which can raise it sales and thereby its share in the smart phone market.

S Curves of Apple are short: S Curves are used by the companies to know what the right time to release a new version of its product is. Although the product life cycle of iPhone devices on an average is 14 months, the peak sales curve is around three to four months only.

Although few more reasons can also be attributed to our expectation, the above are the solid explanations to our expectations that iPhone 6 would be released in June 2013.

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