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Tutorial to Install applications and games on a windows phone from xap


Method number 1:
  1. Install the Windows Phone Developer Tools
  2. Open the Application Deployment tool (Start-> Windows Phone Developer Tools -> Application Deployment) and follow the instructions.

Method number 2:
Stage 1:
  1. Install the Windows Phone Developer Tools
  2. Download and unzip the latest version of Tom XAP Installer
  3. Run Tom XAP Installer.exe
  4. Place a check mark beside "Enable Tom XAP Installer" and close the window
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Note: you did in step 1 to be performed only once. It is advisable not to remove or move Tom XAP Installer.exe

Stage 2:
  1. Connect the device to your PC
  2. Start the Zune
  3. Check that the device is locked (ie start screen)
  4. Download the application. Xap
  5. Open it
  6. Click Install and wait for the installation
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Method number 3:
  1. Download  the latest version of the Homebrew Windows Phone 7 Market
  2. Open XAPDeployX.exe
  3. Choose where you need to install XAP (Windows Phone 7 Device - The device, Windows Phone 7 Emulator - Emulator)
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  4. Click Browse and select the XAP, which you need to install and click Open. You can also drag and drop XAP to the program, without clicking Browse.
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    657 x 557 (56.56 КБ)
  5. Click Deploy
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The advantage of the third method is the lack of need to install Windows Phone 7 Developers Tools. Also, there is an alternative embodiment of the third step - in the Homebrew Windows Phone 7 Market click Options, and then click "Register filehandler". After this operation, you can simply open the XAP file in Windows Explorer, Homebrew Windows Phone 7 Market will start automatically.
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