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Step by Step Guide to Upgrade LG Optimus One P500 to Android 2.3 Gingerbread from FroYo

Better late than Never, I think LG followed this popular idiom in releasing the Android 2.3 update for one of the best selling Android phone of company i.e. LG Optimus One P500.

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Earlier we had reported that Gingerbread update for this phone is coming in May 2011 but finally the company has released this update by end of August. Early updates in few countries were buggy, here you can find the bugs that few Optimus One owners reported about the early update in their country, but I updated my LG Optimus One P500 yesterday and till now it is working as per the expectation i.e. Better Performance and Look than FroYo.
Initially I thought the phone has become bit sluggish after update but that was due to the less free space on my phone memory. Once I uninstalled few unwanted apps and moved few apps to SD card from phone, I didn’t find any problem with the performance and speed of operation.
Root LG Optimus One P500 to remove pre-installed apps
While updating the phone from Android 2.2 FroYo to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, I took few screenshots to share with you and here is the step by step guide to help you update your phone’s OS version.

Guide to Update LG Optimus One P500 from Android 2.2 to Android 2.3 Gingerbread

#1 – Go to LG official site and open “Mobile Phone Support” page. Now type “LGP500” in Model name search box and hit enter. You can see a message as “upgrade is available”.
#2 – Download LG Mobile Support Tool to PC from that page only. As LG has released the Gingerbread update on PC suite only, no OTA.
#3 – Install the downloaded Mobile Support Tool and now connect your LG phone to PC through USB cable. Once connected, the support toll will show you the current software version and click on “Start Updating” button available at the bottom of the tool window.
#4 – A new “Phone Update” window will open with status tabs as Analysis, Download, Update, Complete”. First of all, the software update tool will analyze your phone and will prompt a message as if your phone’s current Android version is 1.6 then the data will be erased on update. If your phone is running Android 2.2 FroYo then you don’t have to worry about the data and apps installed on that as they will remain even after the update.
#5 – After analyzing the phone, Software tool will start downloading the software of around 117 MB. Download time depends on your internet connection speed.
#6 – Once the download will complete, tool will start installing the update on your phone. In the meantime, you can see “Emergency Mode” message on phone.
#7 – Once the installation of update will complete, your phone will automatically turn off. After seeing the “Installation Complete” message on tool, disconnect the phone from your computer.
#8 – Turn on the phone using power button on top panel of the phone. It will take few minutes to come to the start screen as phone itself update the system files on first boot.
#9 – Once you will get the start screen, LG welcome window will open asking for language and Date/Time choices.

That’s it. Now your LG Optimus One P500 is running Android 2.3.3 with LG Software version V20b and you can enjoy the befits of the new OS version. For example, now you can use copy/paste and enjoy the better performance on your phone.
Important – Don’t turn off the PC or remove the battery of phone throughout the update process.

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