Sunday, 11 November 2012


I'm using GameCIH 3.0.0 and here are the basic steps to changing an amount of something in this game:
1. Make the value go above 0
2. Search for it in the GameCIH menu
3. Make the value change
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are left with 1 -  3 variables
5. Change them all to your wanted value
(6) Sometimes you must change the value again (in-game) to update it on the screen

Here is an an example of this working with the flying game:
1. I started with no bits so I collected 4
2. I go to gamecih and search for 4
3. I return to the game, and I collected a total of 8
4. I go to gamecih and search for 8
5. I'm left with 1 result, and I change that result vlaue to 99,000
6. I grab another bit in-game to find that I now have 99,001 bits

Tested and works with:
Bits(via minigames)
Pony Experience(via minigames)
Elements of Harmony

Doesn't work with:
Bits(in overworld)
Gems(in overworld)

-These addresses change on a pony by pony/random basis, so try to avoid any saved address unless you can actually see them matching what is on the screen

-Making any mistakes during minigames will screw up the address' value and will cause you to restart the whole minigame to find the value (ie. dropping an apple/hitting black cloud/missing ball will cause the address that holds your points to alter slightly, so it will be impossible to find)  so be careful

-In the Ball or Apple game, don't surpass a score of 10,000, the game will crash(and 9000 is enough to level you up anyways)

-In The flying game don't surpass a score 999,999, the game will crash

-This method works on experience, I recommend raising your experience to 121950 because the game the game caps it right there

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