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Mozilla Firefox OS - A Review


After downloading the emulator, which, by the way, takes about 2 seconds, we welcomed the lock screen with the date, time and unlock slider, which is moving to the left will also be able to run the camera. We will not stay here for a long time, let's unlock the screen and see what will happen next.
More awaits us very strange start screen. In fact, its design leaves much to be desired: the information is repeated two times, and one line partially closed bottom panel quickly launch applications, which include the dialer (phone application), messages, contacts, and browser Firefox. But if up to this point at least it was clear that the OS is unique, then going svaypom left on the list of applications is immediately clear what inspired the developers FirefoxOS.
If you have a feeling that somewhere before you have seen, but I do not remember where, that is a screenshot of the process of moving icons and removing applications (from which, incidentally, I have not found a way to get out except restarting OS):
But if you and then you do not understand, who had taken the idea of ​​such an interface, then you are never kept in the hands of iPhone or iPod Touch.

Phone functions

But let us not forget that Firefox OS is primarily designed for budget smartphones, and therefore should first pay attention to the phone functions.
Dialer (dialer) consists of three tabs: most phone keyboard (sorry, no function speed dial), contacts (which strangely duplicate the application) and call list (which currently also have problems with the correct mapping). All pretty straightforward and does not contain absolutely no unusual features.
Contacts. Interface of this application as well as a list of programs, much like iOS, especially the process of adding a new record. Favorite contacts can be added to favorites, and that, perhaps, everything.
Program messages are also not without problems with display signs, but nothing of interest, and we have not seen here. Everything is still the budget and simple.

Application store

In its new operating system, Mozilla has built the same app store designed for the Firefox browser on the Android OS.
Marketplace, probably one of the few places in Firefox OS, which really looks original and stylish. Programs in this shop there until only free, and for their installation does not require registration (although it is proposed to make the bottom of each screen to be able to leave comments.) The installation process, however, is also similar to iOS - one click and the application will automatically appear on one of the desks.

Configuration and security

Application device settings, like Marketplace, looks very organic and has a nice interface and a rich set of options, although it is inferior to that for the Android OS. However, they found a very useful feature, and that the operating system from Google would like to see many people, but so far it is only available for devices with root-rights after the installation of the specific application. It is about managing permissions for specific programs.
As in Android, in Firefox OS, each program has a specific list of required permits for its operation, but the difference is that each of them can be either deny or every time receive requests from the program on the use of a permit.Well, it's very very useful feature that allows, for example, to disable unnecessary programs to connect to the network. I wonder why Google has not integrated a similar feature in their OS.


As you know, the choice of built-in and third-party applications for Firefox OS until more than modest, and often they can not boast thoughtful user-friendly interface. However, there are programs that you can use right now.
Maps for the OS from Mozilla provides the company Nokia, which, frankly, is not a bad option. Of course, Google Maps would be much more detailed, but even such an application for an OS that has not come out, it seems pretty useful.
Another noteworthy application is the official client Twitter . In terms of the interface it is an exact copy of itself to all other platforms and also easy to use.And, although it is not a built-in application, yet not in vain is on the main page of Marketplace.
Office applications are modest tasks, calculator, and email, all of the same laconic, but, nevertheless, looking more or less decently and without interface errors.


Of course, while we see nothing but flaws: bugs in the interface, the lack of functionality in embedded applications and a small number of parties. But, let's not forget that this is a just an alpha version of Firefox OS. Therefore, from the findings, we will not comment and say only that the developers have done a great job, but at least they still have. And, no matter what, we are confident that Mozilla get a decent product for the target class of budget devices.

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