Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pucca Theme Park Android Hack

Play the Game for some time and exit the game and then Open Root explorer

[1].Open xml file with root explorer in data/data/com.incrediblestudio.themepark/shared_prefs/preference-profile.xml

[2].Open preference-profile.xml with text editor 

[3].Change ALL time value to "0" ALL
Change value cash and gold ( max candies 999999) 

Posted Image

(note) : red mark : value time
blue : value cash (candies) and gold

[4].If you are done with it .. save files and press hold preference-profile.xml to chage permissions 

Posted Image

Select OK

[5].remove all data in shared_prefs 
folder EXCEPT preference-profile.xml

[6].Turn all internet conections and play game...

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  1. Does it have to be root explorer? They are trying to charge me $5 for it... IS there any free ones that will work just as well?

  2. ya, it has to be root explorer...

  3. Help me! I can't find the com. Incredible.. anywhere in data even using root explorer. Could you help me out and also can you give me full of the xml file code copy

  4. i have mentioned the address of the file properly, pls try once again..

  5. I know, I already go to data and nothing there. :(

  6. I think you have updated version of the game, the devs have fixed the hack...