Sunday, 11 November 2012

Monster Pet Shop Android Hack

Run your own Monster Pet Shop that grows, exhibits, and sells magical creatures.

Run your own Monster Pet Shop that grows, exhibits, and sells fantastic magical creatures. Play with, care and feed your creatures to maximize happiness. Happy creatures award more money when you find them good homes. Customize your Monster Pet Shop with three different habitats – Dirt, Grass and Water, and unlock ever more wonderful creatures by cross breeding with your friends’ collection.

- Players can collect upwards of 25 different monster types and over 100 unique looking monsters.
- Multiple classes and habitats including dirt, water and grass monsters
- Care for your monster pets by petting them, cleaning their homes and feeding them
- Grow and breed unique monsters for show
- Play online with your friends to share eggs and grow your collection


Monster Pet Shop Android Hack


1-Download and install Game Guardian
2- Open Monster Pet Shop
3- Search 4 byte enter your gold or berry
4- Search every time your money changes until your get about 1-5 addresses
5- save the address and enter any number you want

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  1. Is it that easy? Is there any more detailed tutorial? @@

  2. I didnt understand the third step