Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ninja Saga Android Hack - updated with token Hack

Instructions :
  1. Open GameCih and the Open Ninja Saga Game.
  2. Then Search your current money and buy some weapon 
  3. Then once again search the money
  4.  you will see the address of money and change to 99999999 but dont close it 
  5. click related and find the address of token and change it to 99999999
  6. buy something use token and you will see your money &  token will change to  999999999 
  7. Enjoy
 Ninja saga Token Hack :

  1. Connect to internet and click on free tokens
  2. Select follow on twitter and click follow
  3. Go back to game to recieve free tokens
  4. If you didn't get tokens try again
  5. Search Reward in gamecih , you will find two address 
  6. change one of twitter to 0 and lock it
  7. Now click as much as you want to get more tokens

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  1. make a video for this hack bro.

  2. dude this didnt work -.- I bought the weapon, then researched my gold on the village map, then changed it and the token to 999999, then i went to the blacksmith to buy materials with my token hoping it would go up. it didnt -.- I tried a load of times, now im token less. PLEASE BE MORE SPECIFIC or AT LEAST provide a link with a video.

  3. k... i'll make a video for this soon

  4. thank you so much :D and sorry for the bother :/

  5. Excuse.
    Can you please make a video for this tutorial?
    Because I dont really understand those things in text.
    Please.Your help is in need.

  6. Replies
    1. If you can't understand above procedure, just download the Mod version from here - http://androidbaetgames.blogspot.in/2012/08/ninja-saga-v117-apkdata-mod-version.html