Monday, 9 July 2012

Age Of Wind 2 Android Hack

Manual Steps:
1. open game,,play,,go to pirate bay,,see your current cash
2. open cih2 then input your current cash there
3. go to item shop,,buy something (fish),,confirm your purchase,,automaticly you will back to pirate bay
4. open cih2 again, ant input your current cash,
5. repeat steps above until you got 1 value
6. change the cvalue to max
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Name of Cheat: unlimited item

Manual Steps:

1. play game,,,go to item shop,,look for item quantity that you want to hack e.g bomb 4x
2. open cih2 then input 4, back to item shop,,and purchase more than 4 e.g 7,,confirm your purchase
3. back to item shop again and input 7 < 4. repeat step above untul you find one value
5. change the value to MAX and lock it
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Name of Cheat: unlimited point

Manual Steps:

1. play game,,i assume you level 1 now
2. pause game go to point,,you will see your point is 0
3. open cih2 then input 0, back to game
4. finish the mission until your level is up,,when your level is up,,you will get 3 point
5. pause game go to point,,you will see your point is 3 now,,,then open cih2 and input 3
6. spent your point by upgrading something, then input the current point
7. repeat steps above,,,(i recommend you to use (=) if you dont change your point by upgrading,, just go around and back to point)
8. you will see 1 value...change that value to max.and upgrade all there
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Name of Cheat: GOD MODE

Manual Steps:

1. play game,,make sure you have full health now.< Posted Image
2. play mission,,,open cih2 then input "0"
3, let enemies hits your ship until your health is reduced,,
4. open cih2 then press (!),,repeat that steps until you died
5. when your game is retry (its meant your health full now) then open cih2 again and input 0
6. repeat steps above,,and you will find some values<< 4 byte
7. when you found only one value,,just change the value to 0 and lock it
8. happy GOD MODE

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