Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Asphalt 7 Heat Android Hacks and cheats - Updated

Instructions :

  1. Open GameCih or Game Guardian and then open Asphalt 7
  2. Play a quick race or career race and collect some money item during race
  3. Search for the money you collected using gamecih or GG
  4. Continue racing and collect some more money item
  5. Now search for total money you collected
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have one address
  7. Now change that address to the desired value
  8. Finish the Race and get lot of money
 Note : If gamecih doen't works then use Game Guardian

Name of Cheat: Money Cheat

 download this FILE  and extract zip file to Titanium Backup folder.
and then open Titanium Backup app and restore the data only.

Name of Cheat : Reputation cheat

  1. Open GameGuardian and then open the game
  2. Search for 0 and finish a race
  3. search for reputation you have won on that race
  4. Restart the game
  5. Search for 0 and finish a race 
  6. Don't click on "touch the screen to continue"
  7. Just search the repuation and change to desired value
  8. Then click on touch the screen to continue
Name of cheat :  Nitro

  1. Open GameGuardian and then open the game
  2. Start the race and do analysis
  3. Increase the nitro and searh for inequal
  4. Keep doing until you find the address
  5. When nitro get to maximum , lock all addresses 
  6. Launch nitro

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