Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Let's Golf 3 HD Android hack

Hack 1 :

Start the game

Manually play some games to get some coins
1st get coins enter your cash when at the marketplace then search for the amount, buy a tshirt, it only takes 2 searchs to find the coins, I got 003b3a6c edit that to high number, next is the cash enter the amount you currently have now buy some clubs, each club will give you a little bit of cash so then search for the new cash amount took me 3 attempts I got 003b3a70 edit that to a high number.  You can do the levels now, at the got enter the number before the / as this is the current xp enter this number buy a club this will increase your xp took me 2 attempts I got 82bed90c set this to a hight number then you'll get max level 100.  Finally is the skill points enter the skill points you got to spend increase power by one then search again tppk 3 attempts to get the number, I got 01106938 modify this to give you more skill points.

Hack 2:

Manual Steps: 1. Enter you current address

2. Buy something for 3,5 cash

3. When you get one value , Simply change it to your desired value

4. Done

Now you have cash?

Simply buy Some Energy through cash!


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