Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Real football 2012 HD Android Hack

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Name of the cheat : Coins

Steps: 1. Enter your current coins

2. Buy a ball for 2000 or something else and enter new amount.

3. Now you will see some adresses , Change 4byte adress to 999,999,999

4. Done

Name of cheat : Cash

Steps: 1. Now when you play the tutorial you will get 5 bucks

2.Enter  5 and press =

3 Buy something from shop for 3 bucks

4. Now enter 2 and you will get arounf 20 results

5. Change 4-byte value to 999,999,999

Name of cheat: Stamina

Steps: 1. Enter your current stamina for ex - 4

2. Now press " Fast forward button"  to 100 and you will quickly jump to 5

3. Now press " Stop "

4. Enter your new stamina in input number & enter

5. Repeat until you get one result. (If required)

6. Now change it to max

Note : If game crashes between this cheat. No problem , Value will change when you restart it.

Gamesave will be uploaded soon..

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  1. Please upload gamesave asap.. because cash hack cannot be done.there nothing to buy with 5buck..

  2. I think you need to show me what the program is