Sunday, 8 July 2012

SAS 3: Zombie Assault Android Hack

Undead Cheat Steps:
1. Start GameCIH and SAS
2. Start a new game
3. In GameCIH press "Input Name" and search for "undead"
4. You should get an address with the name "msDebugIsUndead". Change the value to 1 and enjoy :)

Edit: Seems like it works online too :D

Normal Health Cheat:
1. Start a game and search for 1128792064
2. Change the last adress to 4294967295 and lock
That's it ^^

Grenade Cheat Steps:
1. Do an "Input Name" search again but this time write explosion.
2. Change the value of GrenadeTimeToExplosion to 0 and there you go: Instant nade explosions

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