Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Trick to use pandora internet radio outside US

First install ORBOT from market then when ORBOT is ready . install PANDORA apk that u can find on the internet (many places) and start it..

FIrst install of ORBOT takes time ..
sometimes PANDora might report wrong country then u have to "kill" it ..stop orbot and then start ORBot and then fire PANdora...It works and i love it !!!!!

EDIT !!:
guys sometimes PANDORA wont work following above steps but there is a fix follow the steps below IT WORKS HUNDRED PERCENT NOW !!!!

1. GO to orbot settings then go to the option "exit nodes"
2. Enter the FOLLOWING pick any four/five of these and enter there as shown in image attached
Amunet2, Amunet3, Amunet5, CCN2, peter, 1337Relay, 5tr3ckrava, akVidaliaTor, alecto, Amunet11, Aquillar
as shown in image below
3. Check the "strict nodes" option
4. Select Pandora for proxy as above if you have not done it before
5. Start orbot and once connected fire PAndora
6. Enjoy !!! 

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